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Mindfulness for Companies

“The feedback I received was very positive and people commented that they would like to have in-depth sessions on the topic. For the first time I saw sessions of this behavioral nature with a full audience, so I think it must be a very positive sign.”


“The introduction to Mindfulness was very much appreciated. It clarified its fundamentals and benefits, while allowing participants to have a first contact with their practices, generating a desire to know and explore more.”


“I find this training very useful for personal emotional regulation and for teams interaction effectiveness.”


“I came skeptical at first, I saw no applicability of this theme, but my opinion was changing throughout the sessions. It makes us think of things we don’t look at every day.”


“Life changing for me. Thank you for having this opportunity to attend this training.”


“I found it very positive. It must be taken to all companies to improve the “reach”.”


“I find this action very interesting and an asset for my personal and professional day-to-day life.”


“The awareness of “me ”and “other”. Very inspiring training. The learning was continuous and the perception and analysis of being led us to a self-knowledge that was intrinsic but “camouflaged”. Congratulations to the trainer and APGEI.”


“Above expectations. I enjoyed participating and will advise other colleagues. Many of the topics covered are part of my daily life and it was noticeable that I applied the tools and knowledge after the sessions.”


“The session went very well, everyone was very enthusiastic about the topic and even the most skeptical came to congratulate the initiative.”


“This program has had a very positive impact on a personal level. Undoubtedly a true learning and growth. We should learn these subjects at school.”


“Very important to stop and reflect on ourselves and our relationship with others (team, work, family, friends). Highly recommend it.”


“Mindfulness sessions helped me to understand my anxiety a little better in order to be able to control it.”


Mindful Gym

“It’s the best day of the week for me. After a Mindful Gym session, I feel like I’m ready for my week.”


“Good thing today was a Mindful Gym day, I was needing it!”


“Above all, these sessions give me space for myself, to do my ‘restart’.”


“I want more sessions.”


8 Weeks of Mindfulness Program

“Excellent. Much better than the highest expectations. Of the many training courses I attended, this was the one that developed me the most.”

Jorge Mendes Ribeiro

“The 8 Weeks of Mindfulness program was very interesting due to the themes covered, the introspection exercises, but also the practices that were “given” to us to apply in our day-to-day.”

Alice Carvalho

“I’ve done the program and recommend it. I became aware that: instead of spending a lot of time correcting the flaws we all have to please others, it might be better to use some of that time to improve the best that we have in us…”

Jorge Pinto

“I felt like having more sessions! I finally learned how to meditate.”

Fernanda Fernandes

“The course is excellent for introducing Mindfulness and in my case it helped me a lot in the process of self-knowledge of my emotions, characteristics and perceptions.”

Daniela Pinto

“A program led by someone who takes us on a brutal inner journey, through agreed tools and themes, and that allows us to have the bases for the continuity of this magnificent path of self-knowledge.”

Antonio Alberto Silva

“It’s an acquisition of a new toolbox. Excellent training for self-knowledge and improving the relationship with the outside world.”

Rui Monteiro

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